Analysis; Damage to a power network from multiple major earthquakes.

Christchurch has had 3 major, 10 moderate, and around 7000 minor earthquakes and aftershocks at this point in  time. The following is a personal account of the damage based on my  personal experiences and the different side-effects of earthquakes.  I need to stress at this point in time, I am NO geologist, seismologist, or network analyst. So some of this information may not be accurate, it's simply based on my logic as an Electrical Tutor! I apologize in advance if I say anything incorrect, and feel free to post anonymous comments (this has been done, already, thank you!) and correct me. In my opinion there have been four major side-effects of a quake (in Christchurch's  case):  Ground shaking  Liquefaction Lateral spread L andslides/building collapse/rockfalls.  Christchurch did not  experience tsunami related to our own quakes at any stage.  I will cover each category for some systems in the Christchurch distribution network that  were affected, namely: Substations 

The 2013 ESITO Annual Connection

Jointing 66kV cables for the reinforcing of the Christchurch distribution network

December 2012 - The first pull of new 66kV subterranean cables for Christchurch