Monday, January 24, 2011

ASL post-meeting

Meeting went REALLY well! Stephen Price and I met Phil from Connectics, he introduced me to a number of his colleagues in a whirlwind series of meetings with Diane Archer the H&S lady, the lighting guy, the the overhead and underground guys, and the roading guy!

We outlined what we wanted and Phil outlined what he thought would be suitable, and advised us that he was going to organise a tentative timetable for events. There was the possibility of going to Timaru and going in a helicopter!

We finished the meeting, and I'm going to turn up there at 8am Monday 31st for my safety induction with Diane Archer. REALLY excited!

Later, Fiona Haynes gave me a 10Mp camera to use as she thought 5Mp wouldn't show enough detail. No complaints there!

Ready to go! Next post; On the job!

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